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10-10-420 Search Engine
The Online Hemp and Marijuana Search Engine with many channels:

420 Station
Online Radio Station with Songs about Marijuana 24/7!!!
The largest 420 Shop on the Net
The online Hemp and Marijuana Magazine

Atomic Books
Online catalog of drug related books. They also have a BBS in Baltimore.

Australia- Cannabis Study Raises Policy Questions

Excellent supplies, reference and cultivation advice

Canadian Foundation for Drug Policy
A prominent Canadian organization based in Ottawa.

Cannabis Catalogue
Everything made from Hemp - Online Catalogue

Cannabis Classifieds

Cannabis Coalition Archives

Cannabis Culture Magazine
The world's premiere pot magazine

Cannabis Culture Web Review
Excellent articles about Cannabis - medical facts, cannabis versus alcohol, smoking in public, changing cannabis laws

Cannabis Garden Supplies
Excellent supplies, reference and cultivation advice

Cannabis Organizations List

Cannabis Users in Amsterdam
a 1995 study by Dr. Peter D. Cohen

Cannabis Web Directory:
Webring of Marijuana and Hemp-Related Sites

The Compassion Club
A medical marijuana site featuring over 1,000 articles and studies. A service of the BC Compassion Club Society, based in Vancouver

The Dope Fiends' Bookshop
Owned by Canadian pot activist and publisher Marc Emery, former owner of Vancouver's Hemp BC and the Cannabis Cafe. He publishes an international magazine, Cannabis Culture, and operates Marc Emery Direct Seed Sales, offering the world's largest selection of marijuana seeds. Marc's cannabis crusades have been featured in major media outlets such as CNN, the Wallstreet Journal, Rolling Stone, ABC, and CBC. A selection of media clippings is available. Marc's goal is to spread marijuana and drug literature far and wide. He plans to continue to add new titles, so be sure to check back often!

Drug Library
A wealth of information about drugs of all kinds

Drug Policy Foundation
A respected US organization pushing for a more humane approach to drug policy. Funded by billionnaire George Soros.

Emery Seeds
The world's largest selection of marijuana seeds

Full Moon Head Glass
The non-stop custom bong shop and pyrex flamecrafting studio

Ganja Survival Kits

Grandma's Cook Book

Green Man
Seed Bank ratings from reports by real buyers. Links to resources, supplies, facts and news. Dedicated to every Green Man out there.
Excellent supplies, reference and cultivation advice. .

Hemp Baby, Inc. Apparel for Children

Cool new site with Hemp Jewelry, Hacks, Stickers and more

Hempology 101
Excellent supplies, reference and cultivation advice.

Hemptown Clothing
Excellent quality Teeshirts, Sweatshirts, Dress Shirts, Athletic Shirts and Baseball Caps of a 55/45 Hemp/Cotton Blend. Their slogan: "Relax it's Hemp!

The Hemp Masters
Hemp Masters Ancient Hippie Secrets Book of Knotting Techniques, and unofficial Rainbow Family Web Site. If you have an article or ad about your site that you would like to share, then send it to Articles are published for free in this excellent newsletter.


Lycaeum Drug Archives

Marijuana News
A very comprehensive site featuring in depth analysis of current drug news stories

The Marijuana Party

Marijuana Policy Project
A US lobby group based in Washington, DC

Media Awareness Project
A popular online source of drug-related news from around the world.

National Organization for the Reform of the Marijuana Laws. Based in the US


Paranoia's Drug Information Server

Huge selection of all types of Pipes, Rolling Papers and Rolling machines, Scales, Rock Teeshirts and more

Potsmokers Net Discussion

An extensive site, dedicated to reviewing and reporting on Cannabis Culture around the world

Pure Hemp Rolling Papers

Scam Cannabis

Shanxi Greenland Textiles Co., Ltd.
A large mill mainly manufactures hemp products with natural fiber of hemp
All Hemp Related - Bookstore, Newsletter, Library, Classifieds, Everything made from Hemp - Online Catalogue

Stoner web

Stoney Creek Glass
The Internet's largest glass gallery with over 200 glass pipes and growing

THC Brain Resin

Univ of Massachusetts Cannabis Refrom Coalition

Utah Hemp Festival
Purveyors of a new Superior Vaporization Technique - vaporize for healthy smoking!

What's Hempenin' Baby?
Eco-friendly company specializing in Hemp based clothing for Baby and Mommy.
The Guide to Marijuana on the Internet-If we unite together as one voice, we will be heard!

Yahooka discussion group

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