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Alternative Culture Magazine
This site is a review of natural alternatives for a creative living culture. Featured topics include, Nature, Nutrition,Alternative Income, Book Reviews, Drumming, HypertextLiterature, and Spirituality.

Bell Bottom Freebies
Free stuff for Hippies

Birkenstocks Online
Birkies from the Source, and Cheaper....

Bristish Pop Culture of the 1960s

Cannabis News

Chia® Pets on the Web!

Cures Not Wars


Deva Lifewear for natural fiber clothing

Drug Peace

Patchwork Hippie Threads for All Ages

The Family Dog
They put on some of the legendary shows of the Sixties in San Francisco at the Avalon Ballroom. Now they're doing shows again in San Francisco.

Famous Hippy Quotes

The Farm
Steven Gaskin's hippie community - famous for his lectures and books, and for starting a commune whick took soy bean farming to new levels.

Flower Child

Funky Web Graphics

Good Vibrations
Pipes galore!

Gryphon Art
Cool teeshirts with new goddesses, Native American and other counterculture images

Haight-Ashbury map
This map of the Haight-Ashbury is by Ed Stephan, who roomed with Sam Andrew of Big Brother and hung out with Dan O'Neill, the cartoonist. It has just about every Haight-Ashbury point of interest you might care to visit, if you were to go on a pilgrimmage to the birthplace of the hippie counterculture. Everything's changed, yet everything remains the same.

Happy Pipes

Handmade dresses, patchy pants, shirts, apron tops, bags, purses, hats,
fleece pullovers and more

Hippie Days, Hippie Ways
Read a first hand account of Woodstock and those days and times

Forums, marketplace and free web sites for hippies!

Hippie Links

Hippie Movie
This QuickTime VR movie was made from the rooftop of a Victorian at Clayton and Waller in the Haight-Ashbury. It was created by Michael Hanrahan of Way Out There Productions.

Hippie Newsletter - Subscribe
A nice cross-section of commentaries, focusing on Hippy issues

Hippie Shop
Patches, Hippie Wear, Deadie Bears & other Cool Stuff can be found here

Hippie Stuff Graphics

Hippie Threads
Authentic Handmade Patchwork Hippie Gear - like in the Parking Lot!

Hippies on the Web

Hippy Books

A hippie web site maintained by Skip Stone, the author of "Hippies from A to Z". Forums, marketplace and free web sites for hippies!

Hippy Music
Don't tell me this "net" ain't got no heart!" Amazing graphics and cool Hippy links here!

Hippie Skivvies
When ya gotta hide the hippie inside...

Hippies on the Web
Huge list of Hippie Links

Hippy Videos

Internet Hippies

Japanese Hippiedom

Ken Kesey and the Merry Pranksters!
Never trust a Prankster!

Keep On Truckin' Re-Visited Home Page & Newsletter

KeyZ Productions
Carry on Furthur with an on-going Acid Test in cyberspace. Ken Kesey's Mail Order company offering views of our Psychedelic Past

Kid's Hippie Clothes
Creative handmade kids hippie clothing, from straight out of the Grateful Dead parking lot! Purses,head scarves, patchwork dresses, patchwork and corduroy pants for boys & girls.

Magic Mushroom Lamps & Waterfall Co
A unique gift collection of hand-crafted Lamps and Waterfalls that resemble Mushrooms. Made in the USA. Secure on-line ordering

Mister Rogers' Goddam Hippie Neighbors Natural Products, Heathy Advice

NaNcY's Spirit of the 60s Links page!

The Old Hippie
Lost in Mississippi!

Old Hippie's Groovy Site

Old Hippie's Grateful Links
This page is a WEALTH of Hippie and GD Links

Pop Culture and Counter Culture
of the Atomic Age

The Psychedelic Gypsy
The Psychedelic Gypsy has traveled far and wide to bring you the best selection of 60's and 70's collectibles in the world.

Psychedelic Psyberspace
A huge collection of art, music, and people from the psychedelic 1960s. The spirit of the 1960s is twirling in Australia!

The Psychedelic '60s
Literary Tradition and Social Change

The Rainbow Maker

Real Goods
Products For An Ecologically Sustainable Future

Psychedelic Psyberspace

Recommended Videos for Hippies

Great site for matching riders with rides. Also has great tools to plan your next traveling adventure.

Stefan's Psychedelia
A phat page of links to psychedelic web sites

Sunshine Daydream
A kind Grateful Dead Sister's/Hippie Page for Fake, Removeable Tattoos

Timothy Leary and Robert Anton Wilson
Wilson is the author of the Illuminatus Trilogy

A Visual Journal by Lisa Laws 1965-1971

Wavy Gravy
Clown and hippie activist, one of the main forces behind the Hog Farm, the PigNic, and countless invaluable benefits and fund-raisers.

Wavy Gravy's Photo Album

Way Out There Productions
Hippie Production company


"Weenies" - Grown Up Plush Bean Bag Toys

We Owe It All to the Hippies
How Hippies Made Cyberspace What it is Today by Stewart Brand

The Wild Bohemian Home Page
Like if it's got anything to do with wild Bohemians you'll probably find it here. Links to pages about Hippies, the Beat Generation, the Grateful Dead and other Bohemian bands, outlaw bikers (including the Hells Angels), plus everything else Bohemian. There's even a Hip Dictionary you can use if you don't understand the meaning of some of the words.



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