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"Nothing will benefit human health and increase chances for survival of life on earth as much as the evolution to a vegetarian diet."

~ Albert Einstein ~

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Aggie Horticulture
Crop Production and Gardening

Animal Rights Resource Site

Animals in Print
Subscribe to Animals in Print - to help prevent cruelty to animals

Loaded with information on becoming a vegetarian, the "Good Karma Cafe" and "Vegetarian City Guides."

Baychef, the California Culinary Academy's on-line resource loaded with news, recipes, educational programs, and many other useful resources.

Beit HaChatulim Bookmarks
Vegetarian and Food References

Beyond Organic
Beyond Organic is a small public relations and marketing consulting group serving the progressive agricultural community. They promote sales of organic products, and build public awareness about agricultural issues which impact the environment, family farming and land stewardship. This site has some wonderful links to organizations working hard to clean up and preserve the environment.

Bicycle Beano Vegetarian Bike Trips

Boca Burger
Boca Burger products taste, look and cook like real meat, but they're meatless. So they are low in fat and calories, yet high in beneficial soy protein. For more information on soy-based Boca Burger products, visit their website.

Books for Cooks Online
Comprehensive online source for cookbooks

Cascadian Farm Home Page

The Culinary Connection
Contains glossaries, culinary software,culinary publications, an event calendar and more.

"Diet for a Small Planet" by Frances Moore Lappé
This health food primer is turning 30!! Frances Moore Lappé and her daughter Anna Lappé are preparing a new, totally revised and revamped 30th Anniversary sequel to "Diet for a Small Planet" (as yet untitled).

Do Animals Feel Pain?

Don't Panic Eat Organic

Famous Vegetarians
List of Vegetarians/Vegans, Links, Recipes, Quotes, Articles, News, and more

Food Web
The food site with links, links, and more links.

Global Gourmet
A great culinary site. This site is rich and thorough, with many references and great information. And it changes daily!

The Grain & Salt Society
When Jacques DeLangre learned about the profound importance of grains and real whole, living salt, he founded both Happiness Press and The Grain & Salt Society to share information, ideas, and recipes. Highly recommended!

Imagine Foods
A terrific company in Palo Alto, California, run by real people with real integrity. You might already know them as the makers of the famous Rice Dream beverages and frozen desserts. Now they have a line of organic soups and broths that are among the best products ever. Good people producing great stuff!

In a Vegetarian Kitchen
An informative vegetarian cooking site with a wide range of topics by Nava Atlas, full of kitchen wisdom and lots of easy, low-fat recipes.

Inquisitive Cook
Helping you understand the science of cooking/baking, and giving you more confidence and creativity in the kitchen.

Jeff and Judie's Home Page

A great site for locating a wide range of current cookbooks.

Vegetarian and Food References

The Kitchen Link
A searchable mega-index to more than 7,000 cooking links on the Net. TKL is also home to thousands of recipes, moderated food forums on a variety of topics, Surf For Your Supper menu of the day, foodnews and much more.

Melissa's World Market
Hundreds of exotic ingredients and international staples for home delivery! Also other useful information.

Mimi's Cyber Kitchen

Molly Katzen Online
Author of several of the most acclaimed vegetarian cookbooks available, The Moosewood Cookbook, and other subesquent follow up books, including The Enchanted Broccoli Forest. Molly has taken vegetarian cooking to new heights - showing others how to make it look attractive and taste delicious. Beautiful graphics, and a casual feeling make this web site a fun one to vist and explore.

Mother Nature Natural Products
General Store - (Health Food & Herbs)

Organic Consumers Association and BioDemocracy
Campaigning for Food Safety,Organic Agriculture, and Sustainability.

Organic Farming and Research Foundation:
Fosters the improvement and widespread adoption of organic farming practices, by sponsoring research related to organic farming, disseminating research results to organic farmers and to growers interested in adopting organic production systems, and educating the public and decisionmakers about organic farming issues.
P.O.Box 440 Santa Cruz, CA 95061

ph: 408-426-6606 fax: 408-426- 6670

The Organic Trade Association
National association representing the organic industry in Canada, the United States and
Mexico. Members include growers, shippers, processors, certifiers, farmer associations, brokers, consultants, distributors and retailers. Established in 1985 as the Organic Foods Production Association of North America, the Organic Trade Association works to promote organic products in the marketplace and to protect the integrity of organic standards.

RAFI-USA Rural Advancement Foundation International
Dedicated to creating a movement among farm, environment and consumer groups to promote sustainable agriculture, strengthen family farms and rural communities, protect the diversity of plants, animals and people in agriculture, ensure responsible use of new technologies
Official web site of the Slow Food movement, which began some years ago in Italy, and has been growing, chapter by chapter, throughout Europe and the United States. Now with 60,000 members in 35 countries, Slow Food is an international response to the effects fast food has on our society and life. It is an institution highly supportive of the integrity of real foods and of our collective culinary heritage.

Small Household Vegetarian Recipes
Or, How to Feed Two Vegetarians for a Week

Spinach and Mushroom Lasagna

St. Theresa's Veggie Pot Stickers

What will they think of next? A whole site devoted to everything you could ever possibly be interested to know about sushi! This site is the next best thing to being there.

Stop Animal Cruelty

Terri Renee's
Vegan Skin Care Products

US Food and Drug Administration
Visit the official website of the US Food and Drug Administration for more information about the approved FDA health claim for soy protein.

US Soyfoods Directory
Comprehensive information source about various soy products and recipes, including a directory of soy foods that meet the new proposed FDA health claim for soy protein.

Vegetarian Country
Broadcast television, live performance, classes and internet resources with recipes, contests, and donkey wisdom.

Vegetarian Kitchen
Links and topics related to Vegetarian& Kitchen.

Vegetarian Pages
A definitive Internet guide for vegetarians, vegans and others.

Vegetarian Recipes Folder

Vegetarian Resource Group
Contains recipes, nutrition information, books, and articles extracted from their magazine, The Vegetarian Journal.

Vegetarian Resources

Vegetarian Restaurants of Austin, Texas

Veggie Source
Friendly vegetarian resource, discussion boards, experts to answer questions, online magazine, and over 5,000 veg recipes!
A huge and comprehensive site about vegetarianism, including sections on starting out, explaining it to friends and family, animal welfare, environmental concerns, veggie recipes, a glossary of terms, book recommendations, teen and children's sections, advice on dining out, suggestions for holiday entertaining, tips on omitting dairy, plus a newsletter to join.

Veggies Unite!

Whole Foods Markets

Wild Oats Markets

World Guide to Vegetarianism Mailing Lists
a long list of mailing lists for vegetarians, vegans and others.


World of Recipes - Food, Cooking & Recipe Links
Large list of great recipe links, especially International Foods.

World of Rice
For Lovers of Fine Rice! Lotus Foods finds and packages the most amazing rices from remote regions of Asia. From region to region the unique soil, water, and growing conditions combine to produce rices that are flavorful, colorful and aromatic. These world rices are prized and cellared like fine wine. Contains a deep and thorough history of rice as well as information about where to find Lotus Foods products.

XRay Spex Peace Meals
Indian Vegetarian Recipes Page


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