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Add Your URL
$5 per month for basic 10 MB personal web site. Has many other affordable plans with various features, including shopping cart and secure ordering. Plans for both individuals and commerce sites. Great tech support, too

1000 Web Site Tools - Webmaster Resources Center
Acky is a great resource for web developers, with tutorials and help in multiple languages. Learn JavaScript, write your own web browser in Visual Basic, or read up on the latest internet tips.

Activ Ebook

Add Me/Generate Meta Tags
Helps you generate Meta Tags for your site (used to be

Animated GIF tutorial from C|NET
Creat Free Animated Professional-looking banners for your Web Page
See how your site will look in other browsers
Credit Card Authorization center

Barry's Clip Art Server
Thousands of free images to download, plus links to other clip art sites

BBEdit 6.0.1
Arguably the best HTML editor available for any platform,and it won't add spurious characters to your text.

A Beginner's Guide to HTML

Here is a link that rates many different free hosting sites for businesses
Good free webhosting sites, with no restrictions

Boost your traffic by reserving LONG domain names
Register long domain names - up to 67 characters. Improve your search engine rankings, get better Yahoo exposure and drive additional traffic to your site. Special report to see which long names are most effective, where to get them and how to use them.

Bravenet Web Services
Free Guest Books, Message Boards, Java Chat and more
Breach on 3/2/02 - temporaily disabled

Cart Manager

CC Now
Sell tangible merchandise. Full service electronic commerce solution. Integrated shopping cart software. Free sign up, no monthly fees, 9% commission on each sale. Allows you to take all major credit cards.

Basic cgi tutorial


The perfect solution for real-time sales of your services or digital products.
ClickBank allows you to accept Visa, MC, Amex, and Discover
Huge directory listing the top Free Clip Art Sites on the Net

CNET's Great Tips for Web Page Design

CNET's Review of 5 Free Web Hosting Sites
Yahoo, GeoCities, Angelfire,, Lycos Tripod, AOL Hometown

CNET's Spotlight on Interactive Web Site Designing

Cool's Logo Generator
Generate logos online with this free logo creator
Fast, free, easy-to-use message board. No software, no downloads, no programming languages needed.

Create an eBook:
E-ditor Pro

Crecon Online Banners
Another free Internet site that allows you to have more control over the style of your banner. This control, however, means that it is also a little harder to use.

The Dark Counter

This one is ideal for those selling software or information. DigiBuy allows you to accept Visa, MC, Amex, and Discover. Set-up is quick and easy.

DRQZONE.COM - The Ultimate Web Resource
Top 100 Search Terms, Personal Finance, Internet, Jobs, Real Estate, Shopping, Health, Love, Travel, Recreation, Entertainment. This Website is For Sale, Contact Them

eBook Edit Pro

E-Commerce Infomania Archive
Jump start your online business today!

Get faxes over the Internet on an 800# for $2.95/mo


Free web buttons, graphics, animations (animated gifs), clipart, buttons, backgrounds, stock photographs, entire free web templates, Photoshop actions, discussion forums, Photoshop tutorials and great tips to help you
build a better website.

Electronic Cottage Resources for WWW Marketing

Free Web Tools and Fonts, Psychedelic Backgrounds & Wallpapers

eTracker by Extrem
Hit Counter for your web site

eXtReMe Tracking
Free Tracker offering many types of stats. Good, precise and informative

Fast Counter for Your Web Site

Get Faxes and Voice Mail over the Internet for Free

FLASH - best Flash info sites on the Web:
FlashKit (,
FlashPlanet (

Font Foundry

Free Banner Exchange Mega List
Here's a great site if you're looking for free banner exchanges

Free animated GIFs

Free Carts, Servers and Internet Access
Free Feedback Forms for your web site
Free hosting, merchant gateway, secure cart, store builder, auction tools, traffic logs and package tracking

FREE Shopping Cart Solutions
All it requires to setup is copy and paste. Voted "Editor's Choice" on Netscape!
Free Web Directory - grand opening - 3rd Quarter of 2000

Free Webmaster Tips
Over 1300 Free Webmaster Site Tools

Funky Web Graphics

Get a Free Web Site
Free Site Promotion and Submission
Free Stats for your site

GIF Optimizer
Reduce load time by optimizing your GIFs

GIF Wizard
Compress your images (one at a time) for free

GINGER'S Free Gifs
(& a "Free the West Memphis Three" message board)

Guest World (World Famous) Guestbook

Guestbooks for Free
Create your own guestbook in seconds, no programming required and it's FREE!

Complete tracking and reporting system to help you understand your Web site traffic

Free host that does not put pop-ups or banners on your page.
You can place ads for free and they will run up to a year.
Free counters for your web site

How to Use HTML Meta Tags

html goodies
The best site for tutorials and lessons

Free Online Chat with visitors to your site (the doorbell actually rings!) Windows or Virtual PC for Mac compatible
No set up fees, or software to download. You can be up and selling online within 48 hours

Icon Parade

Internet Explorer
Get the latest version of Internet Explorer

I-SEARCH mailing list
A quality moderated list focusing on search engines, techniques for higher placement and new ideas for web site optimization.

Jazzman Gallery
Free Animated Gifs, Jokes and Midis

JPEG Wizard
Compress your images (one at a time) for free
Excellent Webmaster's Toolkit Command Center

Learn more about progressive JPEGs

Let's Build a Web Page

Link Exchange Counters


Check your site's popularity on Alta Vista, Infoseek, and Hot Bot.

Create hundreds of links to your web site instantly. Link-O-Matic submits your URL to more than 450 participating sites, which link to your site in a matter of hours. Though generated automatically, these link pages are 'search engine readable' and count towards link popularity.

Links to You/Your Site's Popularity
Check your site's popularity on Alta Vista, HotBot, Infoseek, & Lycos

Mail Start
Check your Email Anytime, Anywhere from any computer

Mal's Free e-commerce Service
Free web sites, free guestbooks, and free forms

MediaBuilder: Animation Factory
Free Animated .gifs


Here's a list of the best sites for checking your meta-tags

More Information On Cookies

The National Craft Association
Building a website. written with crafters in mind
Check your site for errors, and see how fast it loads with different modems

Get the latest version of Netscape Navigator here

Nimat FreeStuff Web Site
Look in categories of Web Site Design and Web Site Promotion

Nuthin' but Links Counters
Stats are presented in graphical format (plus the numbers)

The Answer to Missed Phone Calls While You Are Online.
The single best source for facts on the Net

Over 2,200 CGI related resources in more than 200 categories, including more than 2,000 CGI Programs and Scripts.

Integrated site search and reporting solutions

Learn how search engines work. Comprehensive, well organized site explains how search engines find and rank web pages, how different engines perform and tips on how to use them better.

SEARCH ENGINES & Directories

The World's Largest Search Engine Directory with over 2,000 Internet Search Engines...and growing.

Send Free ~ Autoresponders

Shop Factory
Excellent shopping cart, however it only runs on Windows machines

Shopping cart comparison chart
Tells you a LOT - has FAQ's too - well worth checking this out if you are looking for this sort of thing

Site Meter
Private Meter that allows you to track visitors and where they came from
Check your spelling and links

"It literally only takes a few minutes to open a store using Add Me's new StoreBuilder" - CGI Scripts Galore!
The oldest and largest professional cgi archive online. They claim to receive more hits than all other CGI Script web sites combined! Dozens of current scripts in the archive that you can download and use
on all of the domains you own New cgi scripts always in development and released monthly

ToolsForThe.Net by JimWORLD
A directory of several hundred of the best resources online for web publishers. Everything from site promotion to the law this directory is heavily used by our members to locate resources.

The UnFair Advantage Manual On Winning The Search Engine Wars
Improve your search engine rankings. This comprehensive manual explains how each search engine evaluates and ranks web sites. Through extensive research and experimentation, they know what works and what doesn't work. Easily the best search engine 'secrets' manual around, the Yahoo section alone might be worth the price if you're having trouble getting listed.

Check your HTML for W3C compliance
Accept online check payments. They supply you with easy-to-set-up links that you can paste into your site
Good free webhosting sites, with no restrictions

Loaded with helpful articles, reviews, tutorials and tools about promoting your web site. Be sure to check out their Search Engine Forums section - the best of its kind.
WebCards prints low-cost full-color images of your home page on business cards, postcards and greeting cards. Send these cards, with your custom-printed message, to customers, prospects, friends, etc.

Web-Counter Home Page

Web Developers' Virtual Library

Web Directory
A directory of resources by web developers for web developers; anything from learning HTML to tools for promoting your site. by Judy Vorfeld
Check the grammar and spelling on your site

WebMasters Network!

WebPosition GOLD
Analyzes and critiques your web pages and tells you what to add (or remove) to improve your search engine rankings. It can also generate 'doorway' pages for your web site, optimized to rank highly for each engine. This powerful software monitors the status of your search engine submissions, telling you where they rank and when they were last indexed (listed) by each search engine. Gauge the success of your site, then fine-tune and re-submit it when necessary. Try their free trial copy.  

WebSite Garage
Provides services for maintaining and improving your Web
site. Automate site maintenance checks, optimize your graphics and
analyze your traffic.

Website Goodies
A Web-developer's Resource - over 250 hand-picked resources, articles, and tools

Web Tracker

WWW- tools for aspiring web weavers
Create free animated banners and buttons yourself in a manner of minutes
Free ISP, Free Unlimited Web Space, Counters, Fax Service & more

Many people's personal favorite for unzipping files on a Mac ($15 Shareware)
Create stunning web pages in minutes


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